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Investing in South Florida Real Estate

[vc_row css=”.vc_custom_1505140591220{padding-top: 25px !important;}”][vc_column][vc_column_text]Are you someone who has been looking into a real estate investment, but are uncertain of the current status of the South Florida real estate market in Miami? Are you wondering how safe an investment is in the current property climate?

An Overview of South Florida Real Estate

We approaching a decade since the real estate crash of 2008. It seems like a lifetime since then, but the United States was involved in a costly war and the housing market bubble burst. This lead to an exorbitant amount of foreclosures and lost investments leading to a situation for the housing market that many experts thought the real estate market might never recover from. Ever since the market crash, real estate investment has been met by the general public with a negative tone and an overall feeling of distrust. However, it has been ten years since the occurrence of this unfortunate situation and likely a substantial amount of time since you’ve read anything regarding the real estate market.

Real estate investment has recovered with flying colors and is not only a safe way to devote your assets, but is even recommended by many experts in the investment industry. Return on an investment in South Florida real estate is lucrative once again when you do it the right way.

More good news for potential investors is, no matter your opinion of President Trump, his status as a real estate mogul has many experts assuming that he will likely be kind to the real estate industry throughout his first term as the leader of our country. Millennials are additionally approaching the years from 2017-2020 where they will be the primary homebuyers in real estate. This means a whole new generation of homebuyers coming into their own and ready to buy property in a low-risk environment over the next few years. With all of the additional discussion of student debt parsons being discussed, millennials may additionally have an even greater opportunity to purchase real estate. To put it plainly, South Florida real estate, and property investment all over the country hasn’t been better in some time.

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South Florida Real Estate Investment

If you are an individual looking to invest some of your capital, you could certainly do worse than making an investment into South Florida real estate. South Florida is amongst the most profitable markets for real estate in 2017.

Though South Florida real estate is prone to boom or bust cycles due to a plethora of second property ownership, hurricanes, and slight slowdowns of the market, Miami still is one of the highest areas of growth in investment, and in overall popularity. South Florida boasts some of the most spectacular, beautiful properties anywhere in the country, with Miami having some of the most unique real estate out of anywhere in the world. Elegant condos with every amenity you could imagine, mansions on the canals, low-key tropical bungalows between a couple of palm trees, South Florida real estate has something to offer anyone looking for a real estate investment, or even a primary residence.

If looking for a strong return on your investment, you should always consider the type of person that would buy the property from you before finalizing your purchase. Florida properties are almost always attractive, but if you come across a property that you or your agent might view as being somewhat high-risk, it should be taken into consideration that this home may become your primary property. Properties of this nature can be difficult to put back on the market and make your money back, sometimes taking months or years to finally close on a deal. However, if the property has access to the beach, a pool, elegant landscaping, or other amenities like this, you can be sure that there will be a buyer looking to make an investment into the property.

Steven Vargas South Florida Real Estate Agent

All over South Florida, there are properties of great variety just waiting for someone to invest, or to call the residence “home”. If you aren’t afraid to do a little TLC yourself and fix up some properties, there is variable real estate available for a staggeringly low price as well. Many of the neighborhoods in Miami have seen a period of gentrification with newly remodeled homes, new restaurants, and shopping centers. The Miami area, and South Florida real estate all over certainly has something to offer anyone looking for an investment or to move into the popular locale.

Investing in South Florida real estate is not something to take lightly, and the area is changing by the minute. It is important, regardless if you’re looking to move to Miami, or seeking a South Florida investment, that you find a real estate agent that you are comfortable with, and feel that you can trust.

Steven Vargas is a homegrown, South Florida real estate agent specializing in luxury homes and condos. When seeking out new homes and investments for his clients he draws on his experience from growing up in the Miami area, as well as his love of modern art and architecture to help individuals find a home and neighborhood that they will love.

For more information on South Florida real estate, or to inquire about the services that Steven may be able to offer you to assist your acquisition of a property, contact us today! Steven would love nothing more than to help assist you with your purchase of a piece of South Florida real estate!

Popularity of Miami Luxury Real Estate, with Good Reason

There is a multitude of reasons why investors decide that Miami is a good location to invest in real estate. One of the biggest benefits that the State of Florida is bolstered by when it comes to those, especially the more financially prominent, that look to make Florida their home, is state taxes. Florida has no state income tax whatsoever, and a good way of looking at it is that essentially you are receiving a discount, or being paid to reside in our great state and enjoy all of the beautiful amenities of one of the best places to live in the United States. For those with large incomes, the cities of New York and Los Angeles both boast an income tax rate in the ballpark of 10% annually, equating to a large amount of savings at the close of the tax season.

Miami is also viewed as a capital city in regards to Latin American culture, and high-profile properties are purchased by Latin American investors. South America has had issues in the past with several different financial problems related to instability in currencies and governments, and many prominent businessmen and other investors look to protect their assets against the potentiality of financial misfortunes that could befall them in their homelands.

Another major benefit for those that are interested in purchasing real estate in South Florida has the economic connotations and causalities that stem from the increased amount of currency being printed in our country. Real estate can be considered second to gold when it comes to tangible currency in downturned financial environments, and many investors look to purchase real estate, especially in times of political duress.

Miami Luxury Real Estate with Steven Vargas

The best thing to do when looking to enter the luxury real estate market in Miami is to find a real estate agent that you feel comfortable with, and that is familiar with both the market and the South Florida area.

Steven Vargas is a real estate agent specializing in Miami luxury real estate condominiums, and homes. As a home-grown Miamian, Steven Vargas resides in the Brickell Key area of Miami and has spent a lifetime in the city, knowing it as well as anyone in the industry. Steven has a personal interest in the art and architecture of Miami and can be the perfect asset to finding the perfect home of your dreams. He draws on both his knowledge and experience in the city of Miami to help clients, buttressed by his familiarity with the neighborhoods of the city.

If you are looking into entering the Miami luxury real estate market as a buyer or seller, contact Steven Vargas today for more information on how he may be able to make your dream of being a luxury real estate investor a reality.

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Chloe Vargas

Miami native, Chloé Di Pietro Vargas, is a rising star in the real estate world. Chloe is a savvy South Florida real estate agent with a passion for helping residential and investment clients buy and sell luxury properties. A specialist in condominiums, high-end homes, and rentals, as well as investment and income-producing properties, she draws her background in property management and communications to analyze off-market opportunities and negotiate seamless deals for her discerning clients.

Chloé is devoted to serving the needs of real estate buyers and sellers in destinations including, Brickell, Downtown Miami, Edgewater, Miami Beach, Aventura, Sunny Isles, and Coral Gables. Whether you’re looking for a luxury condo in Brickell or for a home in Key Biscayne, Chloé looks forward to introducing you to communities and lifestyles of some of Miami’s finest neighborhoods.

While assertive and ambitious, Chloé is also gracious and accommodating; she is, in short, the ideal teammate and agent. Chloé and her partner, Steven Vargas, provide first-class service and unmatched dedication to their clients, with a not-to-be-denied commitment to ensuring the smoothest possible process and the most desirable outcome.

Having built a successful career in events and property management, Chloé has a well-rounded approach to buying, selling, leasing, and investing in real estate. Chloé holds a degree in communications and sociology from the University of Miami.

Steven Vargas

Steven Vargas is a Realtor Associate focusing in luxury condominiums and single family homes in the Downtown, Brickell, Miami Beach and Coral Gables areas. He is an agent who recognizes the importance of utilizing a personal approach when interacting with clients.

Highly energetic, motivated, and detail-oriented, Steven is able to closely relate to his clients and provide viable solutions to any of their questions. With that goal in mind, Steven leverages an entire lifetime of living in Miami to the benefit of those he serves. Having grown up here, he has seen first-hand nearly every lifestyle experience the city has to offer.

Today, he specializes in the downtown and Brickell areas, which he also has called home for the past eight years. Steven believes that the more time you spend talking to people as a problem solver, the more you cultivate a mindset of strong sales and marketing. In his opinion, communication and trust are the keys to generating results. Steven’s valiant efforts have earned him the 2015 “Rookie of the Year” and 2020 “Top Producer” with Cervera Real Estate.

Steven’s love for real estate has opened doors to investments. He prides himself on educating his clients on how to purchase investment properties and receive passive income through this process. Steven and his partner Chloe are focused on creating generational wealth through real estate investing by producing passive income. They love sharing this information with family, friends, and clients leading Steven to launch their first YouTube channel — where he shares his knowledge for all things real estate. Steven is fluent in both English and Spanish.

Find Your Dream Home and/or Investment Property

Partner with a real estate team who will give you the personal attention and advice you need during the buying, selling, renting and investing process. The Vargas Team is committed to applying their skill and knowledge towards helping you find exactly what you are searching for in your next home or investment. To get started on your real estate endeavors today, Steven and Chloe can be reached at (786) 683-2938 or click here to contact us now. We look forward to making your vision a reality!